Life is a journey towards discovering the three core elements in ourselves: Mind, Body, and Spirit. Recognizing the true inner spirit is very difficult for many people. It is because of self limitations that restrictions are felt at all: limited beliefs, limited view points, and limited goals all contribute to the constraints felt on a daily basis.

By realizing our connection to the universe, we are able to live a higher quality of life. By acknowledging that we are one with God, we find within ourselves: Love, Creativity, Harmony, Wholeness, Unity, Compassion, Grace, and Power.

My name is Skip Jennings, ALSP. I am a licensed spiritual counselor, spiritual life coach, holistic healer, and fitness coach based out of Los Angeles, California. As a licensed spiritual life coach, I am here to help you discover your journey in life. It is my goal to help you discover who you truly are. Through my spiritual life coaching I can help you push through the barriers you have built around your life so that you truly achieve greatness. We are all perfect creations working towards a spiritual balance within ourselves.

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skips dvd coverLooking to put a little spice into your Yoga Practice? Do you want to unleash the power of Joy to enhance your vibration? Step out ofthe traditional mind body experience and flow to a new Groove. Skip Jennings and the angels create a powerful playful environment that will up-level your practice. By incorporating music, affirmations and laughter, you will elevate, not only the body, but also the mind and the spirit. Click here to get yours today.








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I take Tabata high intensity interval training to the next level, in a fun, interesting and incredibly effective mix of H.I.I.T training; with the Zen of yoga–blending cutting edge, big bang exercise with traditional yoga poses, to create a unique balance and fitnessexperience. Explore my Cardio Zen Elevation and see how these two seemingly different workouts create the modern-day “yin-yang” experience.