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Get all of my latest workout videos, books, and music filled with tips and tricks for sticking to your goals and learning how to transform your body each and every day. It is my desire that these materials help you achieve all you can in both your physical and spiritual journey.

– Skip

Online Courses
CARES Transformational Life Course

sj-cares-life-courseMy CARES Transformational Life Course is a dynamic 10-week online program designed to help you connect with your highest potential and endless opportunities. This self-guided course provides you with all the tools you need each week to maximize your potential and guide and transform your life.

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My heart blood pumping videos tackle your core, arms, legs, and abs, all the way down to your inner balance for a peaceful experience.

Cardio Zen ElevationCardio Zen Elevation –

My Tabata high intensity interval training takes you to the next level in a fun and effective mix of H.I.I.T training with a touch of Zen. By blending cutting-edge, big-bang exercise with traditional yoga poses, this workout creates a unique balance and fitness experience. 

“I love the way Skip describes each position and explains each move in his mellifluous tones. It’s perfect for both novices AND one those experienced with yoga”. – BEverman –five-stars



Yoga Zen ElevationYoga Zen Elevation 

Spice up your yoga practice and step out of the traditional mind body experience and flow to a new Groove! I create a powerful and playful environment that will up-level your practice. By incorporating music, affirmation and laughter you will elevate not only the body but also the mind and the spirit.

“Skip’s fabulous personality shines through to make yoga fun and inspirational, creating killer workout for all levels.” – DP    five-stars

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Dance Body Break ThroughDancer Body Breakthrough – 

Learn cutting-edge exercises based on strength training, dancer’s conditioning, integrative strength, functional training, Pilates and yoga to lean out the body. With a perfect balance of contract and release movement, posture, a strong core and flexibility you will feel like a new person!

“If you want to achieve a fantastic long, lean body along with a calm, relaxed mind – work out with Skip Jennings!” – Cathy    five-stars


Maximum Strength OverloadMaximum Strength Overload

Learn new ways to progress your training into a full fitness experience. This multi-level, multi-dimensional workout includes cardio, upper and lower body strength and core, you’ll start with 12 exercises and progress to 36 options. 

“He is a true inspiration and the DVD allows you work at your own pace, but gives you encouragement along the way.” – Bill Robertson five-stars





 My Latest Book:  The LOTUS KITCHEN

“Everyday vegetarian recipes to nourish yoga practice and Inspire Mindful Eating”

“The Lotus Kitchen” is filled with enticing and palate pleasing vegetarian & vegan recipes laced with yoga movement and meditation techniques to support a culinary balance! Click on this link for my favorite recipe Get It On!


In Stock Book Price- $20.00




Spirit Explosion

Spirit Explosion:
A Time for God, Love, and Transformation 

Spirit Explosion is a step-by-step spiritual workout guide into my personal journey of transformation.  I provide you with 33 aspects of my path to spiritual enlightenment, each accompanied by a poem about my own experiences, an affirmation to God and a writing exercise to help readers discover their own voices. Allow my journey to inspire your own reconnection with a higher power.

In Stock Book (autographed) Price –$24.99

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eBook via iTunes Price –$9.99

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Music Mixes

skipjenningspm_cardiozenelevation-180 Skip Jennings PowerMix – Cardio Zen Elevation –

Cardio Zen Elevation is the prefect blend of music for mixing up HIIT and Stretch Intervals. The high energy music will take you on a journey, designed to get your heart-rate up, but also giving the perfect time to rest and recover in the Zen Zone!

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Skip Jennings PowerMix Yoga Zen Elevation Music  Skip Jennings PowerMix – Yoga Zen Elevation

Yoga Zen Elevation takes you on a musical journey that empowers your Mind Body experience. The music invites the prefect swell, peaking at the right time, leading you back to the quiet finish. Namaste!

Available as a download Only

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Download   – $14.95