CARES Corporate Wellness Workshops

I bring over 20+ years of Fitness and Wellness experience into my CARES Corporate Wellness Workshops with the principle that healthier lifestyles help balance teams, increase satisfaction and reduce overall health care costs. A healthy employee is a happy employee and a productive team member.

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Wellness Workshops That Deliver

My CARES Wellness Workshops deliver the tangibles to improve the health, job performance, and morale of your employees. CARES Corporate Wellness Workshops** and are designed to inspire health and fitness of the body, mind and soul. You’ll see the results in your employees’ health – and your bottom line.

Workshops focus on 3 components and can be tailored for individual, team or group settings:

  • Mental Motivation: Setting intentions and goals.
  • Physical Empowerment: Learning to get moving physically.
  • Inspirational Elevation: Getting into the right state of inspiration to reach new heights.


All CARES Corporate Wellness Workshops are flexible.
NO GYM space required.

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Why CARES Wellness Workshops?

It comes down to experience. CARES Wellness Workshops brings over 20+ years of my Fitness and Wellness experience and utilizes best practices that build healthier lifestyles and help companies contain health care costs.

Giving employees incentives for making healthy changes is quickly gaining in popularity*. More than two-thirds of employers offer financial incentives, and studies have shown they’re an effective way to boost employee participation and engagement in workforce health programs.** Let me help you tailor your corporate wellness program.



“I immediately noticed an enhanced focus on wellness and increase in trust among my team, as well as an overall positive change in the atmosphere of the work environment. Skip had a great impact and I would recommend CARES Wellness Workshops to anyone looking to achieve the same outcome.”

– Mark Galbraith, Director Quality Control, Gilead Science

“Skip Jennings is an elite fitness instructor who creates a unique combination of highly technical and FUN classes that bring a lot of joy and sunshine into my life!”
– Kathi Constanzo, Owner of Big Daddy’s Fire Grill in Pasadena


“Skip Jennings changed my life. His patience, persistence and understanding helped me achieve my goals…”

– Tom Blumenthal, Owner of Gearys Beverly Hills

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**Kaiser Permanente –