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Skip Jennings CARES Transformational Life Course

Maximize Your Potential

My CARES Transformational Life Course is a dynamic 10-week program designed to help you connect with your highest potential. This self-guided course provides you with all the tools you need each week to maximize your potential and guide and transform your life.

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CARES Life course as an online class to work around your schedule. All sessions can be taken in sequence or at your own pace for your convenience.  Welcome to your new life of inner transformation.

What does CARES stands for?

The CARES Life Course dives into Connecting, Action, Remembering and Empowering ones Self-love to create an Action plan of Awareness and Spirituality to transform and empower your life. You are only one “yes” away from transforming your life.

  • CConnection
  • AAction
  • RRemember
  • EEmpowerment
  • SSelf Love, Awareness, and Spirituality

“I LOVE the way Skip explains and describes each of the meditations and exercises. I looked forward to each session”. – C. Frietag –five-stars

Breakdown of The CARES Life Course Processskip-200x200

CARES Life Course is broken down into stages that help you understand what needs to be done in order to see transformation take place. Each week’s content consists of the following:

  • Video with The Week’s Intention:
  • Quote of the week
  • Universal Insights for Success, Happiness and Reaching Your Goals
  • Guided Meditation
  • Journaling Exercises
  • Physical Growth Work
  • Spiritual Growth Work:
  • Mental/Journaling Growth Work:
  • Affirmation

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Overview of the CARES Ten-Week Life Course

Week #1 – Intro and Shift Your Thinking – FREE Demo
Week #2 – Catch Your Vision
Week #3 – Setting Your Goals
Week #4 – Getting Into Action
Week #5 – Letting Go
Week #6 – Inspiration / Get Inspired
Week #7 – Finding Your Passion
Week #8 – Create Your Support Team
Week #9 – Stay Focused
Week #10 – Gratitude/Giving Back

“I found that the LIFE course fit perfectly for where I am in my life. Skip’s way of guiding you through is second to none”. – F. Lopez –five-stars

List: $260.00
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You Save: $62.30 (25%)

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