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Personal Trainer

Stretch ParkRealize Your Fitness Potential and Transform Your Body Today

With over 25 years of expertise in personal training, spiritual counseling and motivational speaking, I bring a thorough understanding to the meaning of personal growth for both the mind & body. Whether you’re an individual seeking a multi-faceted full body metamorphosis, or personal trainer looking to expand your fitness skills and enhancing your holistic healing knowledge, let me take you to your highest level of potential.

– Skip

My Training Expertise:

  • HIIT Training (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Sport Conditioning
  • Personal and Group Yoga
  • Personal and Group Athletic Stretching
  • Personal and Group Mat Pilates
  • Outdoor Conditioning
  • Running Coaching
  • Walking Coaching
  • Indoor Cycling Coaching (Schwinn Master Trainer)
  • Balance Training (Bosu Master Trainer)
  • Indoor Rowing Coaching (Water Rower Master Trainer)
  • Affirmative Strength Training (Mental Empowerment using Mantras and Affirmation) Design and Created by Skip Jennings
  • Mindful Eating Coaching
  • Mind and Body Healing

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“Every time I finish one of Skip’s morning sessions, I not only tackle my waistline, I never need coffee as I leave fully feeling energized for the day ahead.”

– Peter Smith, West Hollywood