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This Week’s Meditative Thought – God Revealing

This week’s Meditative Thought revolves around Love and in God’s revealing nature. It has been said that love is the answer to all things and we can do anything with this love of the Universe. In Christopher Nolan’s movie Interstellar there’s a beautiful dialogue between Matthew McConaughey’s character; Cooper and Anne Hathaway’s; Brand about Love’s power. “Love isn’t something that we invented. It’s observable. Powerful. It has to mean something. Maybe it … Read More →

Skip’s Weekend Affirmation – You Are The Light of God

Skip Jennings

I pray that this post finds you well and in good spirits. We had a short week and a wonderful weekend is again upon us, which that means it’s time to recharge and for this weekend’s affirmation. This week’s theme; You Are The Light of God  Just for this moment…just for this breath, I remember that I am the light of God and I shine brightly everywhere I go. And so I am. … Read More →

This Week’s Meditative Thought – You Are the Light of God

Happy Labor Day! I hope that you all have been enjoying the long holiday weekend. I know I have. This week we kick-off with a focus on letting your inner light shine.  Remember, you are a gift to this planet and that the Universe is keyed to support that gift. It’s what allows us to step out and boldly approach your destiny. Cultivate God’s light through your gifts and talents and … Read More →

Skip’s Weekend Affirmation – Surrender to Rest

Greetings from #FireIsland #NewYork where I’m taking some much needed R&R this Labor Day weekend. I also wanted to say congratulations, you’ve made it! The long weekend marks a traditional close of Summer and one to enjoy with family and friends over a meal. Here’s this weekend’s affirmation. Just for this moment…close your eyes, relax and just for this breath, I am the living Christ consciousness in the flesh. And … Read More →

This Week’s Meditative Thought – Surrender to Rest

Keeping your spiritual Sabbath can be one of the most important practices we can do, but at times difficult with our lives today filled with technology. Yet it is so important to rest in the work that we have done, trust, and breakaway to nurture the spirit. When we surrender to the idea that the spirit needs a Sabbath or rest there is nothing else that needs to be done, then we … Read More →

Skip’s Weekend Affirmation – Ready To Surrender

Greetings from beautiful Dallas Texas, where I’m at SCW #‎dallasmania15‬, #scwfitness, providing hands-on certifications to fitness professionals.  I hope that you have had a chance this week to meditate on this week’s theme; “Ready To Surrender“.  We’ll expand on the theme with this weekend’s affirmation. Just for this moment…just for this breath, I am one with a power greater than myself. And so I am. And so I allow it to be. Amen Have a … Read More →

This Week’s Meditative Thought – Ready To Surrender

This week’s meditative thought is a challenge on the readiness of surrendering the control of your life. Are you ready to surrender? Are you ready to begin and experience the riches and treasures of the universe? As human beings, resistance is part of our DNA and to “surrender” seems counterintuitive. But growth begins when you turn your will and the care of your life over to a power greater than yourself, … Read More →

This Week’s Meditative Thought – Empowering the World


When we understand that our life has purpose because we are living, we begin to live a purposeful life.   From this awareness we will see our life vision. We will take part in what God has called us to do. My Friends, you are the tool the Universe has chosen to bring forth new and amazing ideas for this planet. Only you can complete the calling. As you begin to … Read More →

Story Corps Wednesdays – Appreciating A Special Teacher

The Shift With Skip Radio is currently on break. While on hiatus, I wanted to share segments from StoryCorp A non-profit whose mission to record, preserve, and share the stories of Americans from all backgrounds and beliefs. I hope that you find joy in these unique stories of the people that make up our great nation. Better yet, record your own StoryCorp via the StoryCorp app and submit the link and I’ll post … Read More →

This Week’s Meditative Thought – Defining and Empowering Yourself

Summer is in full swing and this month we celebrate the birthday of our country, which empowered it to stand on it’s own against the major powers of the world. Personal empowerment refers to the increasing of your spiritual, political, social, educational, gender, or economic strength. Like our nation did over 239 years ago it is time to decide what empowers your existence. What is defining and empowering you? What motivates you … Read More →

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