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Meditation is an essential part of a focused, balanced and healthy lifestyle.  When you mediate on a regular basis you will begin to see the positive impact it has on lowering levels of stress, anxiety and depression.  As well as increasing your overall clarity of thought throughout the day.  There are also many physical benefits of meditation such as lowering your blood pressure, strengthening your immune system, and improving the quality of your … Read More →

This Week’s Meditative Thought – With God’s Eyes


If you step back and I mean really, really back, the Universe with it’s millions of stars, dust, comets, planets of every size, shape and form makes our human flaws and mishaps appear quite small, I mean, really really small. Yet, they both exist and in fact these flaws and mishaps appear much bigger in our lives. Let that sink in for a second. It’s amazing how we can grasp the … Read More →

This Week’s Meditative Thought – Remembering Freedom

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We dive into choice this week and to remember the freedom that this choice has in our lives. You have the choice to manifest the life you desire, but it begins with releasing the things that are not a part of the Divine vision. Remember, your old experiences are just that: old. Let them go. This Week’s Spiritual Assignment: All this week remember that freedom is releasing all the spiritual … Read More →

This Week’s Meditative Thought – You Are the Light of God

Happy Labor Day! I hope that you all have been enjoying the long holiday weekend. I know I have. This week we kick-off with a focus on letting your inner light shine.  Remember, you are a gift to this planet and that the Universe is keyed to support that gift. It’s what allows us to step out and boldly approach your destiny. Cultivate God’s light through your gifts and talents and … Read More →

This Week’s Meditative Thought – Surrender to Rest

Keeping your spiritual Sabbath can be one of the most important practices we can do, but at times difficult with our lives today filled with technology. Yet it is so important to rest in the work that we have done, trust, and breakaway to nurture the spirit. When we surrender to the idea that the spirit needs a Sabbath or rest there is nothing else that needs to be done, then we … Read More →

This Week’s Meditative Thought – Ready To Surrender

This week’s meditative thought is a challenge on the readiness of surrendering the control of your life. Are you ready to surrender? Are you ready to begin and experience the riches and treasures of the universe? As human beings, resistance is part of our DNA and to “surrender” seems counterintuitive. But growth begins when you turn your will and the care of your life over to a power greater than yourself, … Read More →

This Week’s Meditative Thought – Empowering the World


When we understand that our life has purpose because we are living, we begin to live a purposeful life.   From this awareness we will see our life vision. We will take part in what God has called us to do. My Friends, you are the tool the Universe has chosen to bring forth new and amazing ideas for this planet. Only you can complete the calling. As you begin to … Read More →

This Week’s Meditative Thought – Defining and Empowering Yourself

Summer is in full swing and this month we celebrate the birthday of our country, which empowered it to stand on it’s own against the major powers of the world. Personal empowerment refers to the increasing of your spiritual, political, social, educational, gender, or economic strength. Like our nation did over 239 years ago it is time to decide what empowers your existence. What is defining and empowering you? What motivates you … Read More →

This Week’s Meditative Thought – Finding Peace Within

Throughout the month of June, we’ve been focusing on Recognizing The Divine – For Week 4 the focus is: Finding Peace Within Have you heard the saying, “One minute they like you and the next they don’t”? Human perception is at times constantly shifting and the only thing that we can control is how we react or interact in a situation. The journey is to find peace during moments that seem to … Read More →

This Week’s Meditative Thought – The Life Spectacular

Throughout the month of June, we’ll focus on the Recognizing The Divine – Week 1 The Life Spectacular What brings you peace of mind? What inspires you to live the life you know you are meant to live? What is your life spectacular? Recognize that the life spectacular is the power that keeps you moving toward greatness is God. We were created in the image of the Universe; therefore divinely … Read More →